As a gamer, it's incredibly important to me to know about every single thing that happens to every minor Japanese celebrity who happens to be tangentially related to games. God DAMN is this relevant. Not only does has this women supplied voices for a couple games, she also *gasp* plays them! Thank you for this… » 2/09/11 4:20am 2/09/11 4:20am

What the fuck does this have to do with games and why is a commercial drink made the focus of the article while other (illegal) drugs were also present? I mean Kotaku has been posting a bunch of dumb bullshit that has nothing to do with games lately but this takes the cake. » 1/26/11 2:48am 1/26/11 2:48am

@Xucuroz: I never really saw a problem with his voice, just that he seems to have become obsessed with some one of the most poorly written collections of material on the planet. Stop obsessing over Warcraft and go read some real literature, kid. » 10/30/10 3:39pm 10/30/10 3:39pm

@Incursor: That's why we should be talking crap about this guy. Fear of public speaking is one thing, but you have to be batshit insane to care about WoW's lore. even the people who write it obviously have no idea what they're doing. » 10/28/10 12:45am 10/28/10 12:45am

I really hope this doesn't suck. I've never been a big sonic fan but the older games were still fun to play. More importantly, if this is good then maybe, just maybe, Sonic Team has gotten back on their feet and Phantasy Star Online 2 might end up good as well. » 10/05/10 8:21pm 10/05/10 8:21pm